The Importance of Graffiti Removal


There’s a difference between graffiti and graffiti art – the former is illegal and unsightly while the latter is typically a commissioned mural that enhances the beauty of a property.

A 2011 report on graffiti removal in Toronto estimated that the City spent about $1 million a year on the removal of tags and other illegal graffiti from city properties. The onus of removing graffiti from private buildings falls on property owners and those who fail to comply may receive a Notice of Violation from Municipal Licensing & Standards.

As a property or business owner, there are plenty of reasons to want unsightly graffiti removed from the premises as soon as possible – especially, if it is graphic or vulgar in nature. Read on for a few reasons why graffiti removal should be carried out as soon as possible after it is spotted.

  • Easier to Clean:

The longer graffiti stays on a surface, the harder it becomes to remove. The paint from graffiti can really sink in, depending on the porosity of the surface, with masonry being the most porous. This makes graffiti removal harder and harder as time goes on.

  • Prevents Further Vandalism:

Graffiti invites more graffiti. An unkempt property makes it look like the property owners do not care enough about the property to take the appropriate measures to protect it. Leaving graffiti on a building for extended periods of time can attract the attention of other vandals too. Criminals are more likely to feel like they will get away with their crimes at an unattended property. Prompt graffiti removal can also deter the original vandals from defacing the property again as they feel their time and effort have been wasted.

  • Re-establishes Curbside Appeal:

There’s nothing like graffiti and a run-down appearance to drive existing (and new!) clientele away. It can give the impression that a business is not doing very well. Prompt, well-done graffiti removal can prevent this from occurring.

  • Prevents Long-Term Structural Damage and Saves Costs:

As graffiti gets harder to clean as it gets older. If the graffiti has been etched into the surface using a sharp object or acids, it can also damage the weatherproofing of a property. This may lead to structural damage and causing problems like water damage and leakages, not to mention a loss of insulation. Repairing these problems is way more expensive than cleaning the graffiti.

Why Hire a Professional Graffiti Removal Service in Toronto?

Graffiti removal isn’t as simple as taking a damp rag and wiping it off. Different graffiti agents can require different removal methods. Improper graffiti removal techniques can also cause as much, or more, damage to the surface of your building as the graffiti itself.

A professional graffiti removal service like the one offered by Canadian Restorations GTA can identify and implement the correct procedures to safely remove graffiti from your building. Canadian Restorations GTA has the latest equipment and expertise to carry out graffiti removal around the Greater Toronto Area safely and efficiently. They also maintain a fleet of trucks fully equipped to provide you with 24-hour round-the-clock service, 7 days a week, so we can take care of your graffiti problems as soon as you notice them.

If you’re plagued by graffiti on a regular basis, have a look at Canadian Restorations GTA Anti-Graffiti Coating which saves you up to 40% compared to untreated surfaces.

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