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Canadian Restorations GTA team members are experts at making your property look its best. We specialize in underground garage maintenance, graffiti removal, building maintenance and cleaning options to suit a variety of structure types including parking garages, brick walls, wooden decks, patios and more.  Our services include:

Canadian Restorations GTA makes maintaining your underground garage easier than ever with our mobile jet wash services. We come to you with our environmentally sound mobile jet wash ready to clean away the dirt and grime that accumulates in an underground garage. We also offer these services for your underground space:

  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Parking space line painting
  • Other necessary signage and traffic flow arrows
  • Graffiti removal

Benefits of Underground Garage Cleaning: Having a well-maintained garage can help give your customers a good first impression and to feel safer. This is especially true since these often-neglected areas can become targets for vandals and graffiti artists. By using the commercial cleaning services from Canadian Restorations GTA, we can resolve issues like this and make your garage make your garage look safer, brighter and better cared for.

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Building maintenance for areas like driveways, walkways and parking structures can often be neglected because the areas are simply too big. At Canadian Restorations GTA, we know the importance of maintaining these areas and offer services to make the job quick and easy.

Our graffiti removal solutions and power washing options allow us to clean away even the most difficult areas of dirt and grime. This includes:

  • Walkway cleaning and weed removal from cracks
  • Underground garage power washing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Anti graffiti management

With our efficient methods, we’re able to perform all of these services with minimal interruption to your business while improving your property’s appearance and curb appeal.

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Want to take action against graffiti but worried traditional sandblasting will ruin the surface underneath? With media blasting from Canadian Restorations GTA we can offer a milder alternative to sandblasting and save softer surfaces from being scratched.

This newer form of abrasive cleaning employs alternative materials including walnut shells, crushed glass and even sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate, or soda blasting, represents the mildest form of blasting and can be safely used on a wide range of surfaces.

We will assess your property and determine the best method of media blasting for you and also offer future graffiti prevention with our anti-graffiti coating.

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Power washing is the efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound way to clean away dust and grime from a variety of surfaces. Canadian Restorations GTA INC. uses professional grade power washing technology to expertly clean these surfaces:

  • Concrete surfaces including parking structures
  • Brick walls and building exteriors
  • Parking lots including asphalt and concrete
  • Other commercial and residential building exteriors and decks

Our trained power washing technicians are experts at properly power washing all these surfaces and more. Commercial grade equipment and experience allow us to power wash areas of your property safely and effectively without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Don’t let a damaged storefront compromise your business’s profitability. Graffiti is not only unsightly, it can also give the impression that your business is not maintained, unsecure or failing. These things can drive customers away, which makes graffiti removal even more important.

With the expert graffiti solutions from Canadian Restorations GTA, you can quickly remove unwanted paint and markings to improve your business’s appearance. We use powerful streams of hot and cold water to deep clean away graffiti without using harsh chemicals. This makes the process safer for your property and the environment.

Anti Graffiti Coating: Along with graffiti removal, Canadian Restorations GTA offers anti graffiti coating to keep your building looking great. With our coatings, you can more easily maintain your business and avoid more expensive paint jobs.

Paintovers: When you have a painted surface, a paint over can often be the fastest, most cost-effective method. When you need a paintover, we carefully select a closely matching paint to cover the area without requiring a complete repainting of the entire storefront.

Call Canadian Restorations GTA today to find out how we can help to restore and rejuvenate your property in a fast, cost-effective way: (416) 930-9058.

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What People Say

“The underground garage near my business had always been dingy and employees and customers did not look forward to going in there. With CR’s garage maintenance services we were able to clean the floors, remove dirt from the walls and make the structure feel safer and cleaner.”

Mary M

“When the side of my store was vandalized with graffiti I was worried that the paint underneath would have to be completely redone, but Canadian Restorations GTA showed me an easier way. My contractor came out and quickly told me they could remove the graffiti with media blasting and I wouldn’t have to repaint! It saved me lots of time and money.”

Brendan M

“I recently purchased a “fixer upper” home and greatly underestimated how much work it was going to take. Fortunately, the Canadian Restorations GTA contractor who came to my home was able to set me up with a great plan to restore my home. The advice on when to use pressure washing has been a life saver!”

Ajnum K

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