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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal is one of the best ways to improve your business’s appearance and curb appeal. This is because graffiti is more than just a cosmetic issue. A property with graffiti gives the impression that the business is abandoned, failing or neglected which makes potential customers doubt the legitimacy of the services offered.  With expert graffiti removal from Canadian Restorations GTA, you get environmentally sound graffiti removal solutions that will help you make the right impression on clients.

Graffiti Removal Methods

We use a combination of pressure and power washing to eliminate graffiti in an environmentally sound way. Whether you have a single brick wall, large parking structure or an entire building that needs graffiti removal services, we have the equipment and manpower to complete the job.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

In our quest to not only offer graffiti removal but also save your building from future vandalism, we offer anti-graffiti coating. Our anti-graffiti options include both sacrificial anti-graffiti coating and permanent coatings.

With sacrificial coating, the coat is applied over your paint job and can then be removed if vandalism occurs. The coating can then be reapplied for a fraction of the cost that it would be to redo an entire paint job.

Our permanent anti-graffiti coating is part of the paint itself and prevents graffiti from sticking to the surface so it can more easily be washed away. This type of coating is more expensive for its initial application but it can be a better choice for buildings that are likely to be hit with vandalism on a more frequent basis.

Features of Anti-Graffiti Coating

  • Made of environmentally friendly components
  • Provides barrier to UV damage and weathering
  • Easier to clean than standard paint


A paintover can be a cost-effective method for dealing with graffiti when you have a painted service. Canadian Restorations GTA matches your paint to ensure a fast, seamless finish that helps you avoid having to redo the entire storefront.

Our coatings can be applied after graffiti removal and make for an ideal graffiti prevention measure. If your property is in need of graffiti removal or prevention services, call our expert team at (416) 930-9058.

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