Soda blasting is the use of sodium bicarbonate applied to a surface using compressed air. It is a milder abrasive method of cleaning that is ideal for removing dirt and graffiti on the top layer while leaving the paint below intact. It can be highly effective at cleaning vandalized surfaces without the need to re-paint once the restoration is made. One of the most recognized jobs of soda blasting is that of cleaning the Statue of Liberty during the restoration project of 1986.

Soda blasting can be used effectively in a number of situations and to clean a variety of materials. It provides exceptional results when cleaning up smoke and fire damage and it can be used to clean all types of wood in beams, floors, and doors. Not only is the cleaning method effective on various wooden areas in buildings, but it can also clean masonry and structural steel.Soda blasting

Soda blasting has long been a premier method of pressure washing for hard-to-clean structures. One of the biggest advantages of this method over other forms of pressure washing is that it retains the integrity of tortured surfaces. While sandblasting is still used for deep cleaning on some surfaces, it can leave scratches and other types of permanent damage to aluminum, plastic, wood, and other surface materials. Canadian Restorations GTA has the expertise to pair the best cleaning system to any setting to get results without leaving damage behind.

Sand blasting implements the same baking soda that is used to make all-natural cleaning products. We even use baking soda to clean our teeth! The reason baking soda is so versatile for cleaning everything from teeth to building walls is that it micro fragments on impact, blowing away materials on the surface. Contact Canadian Restorations GTA and let us make your surfaces look new again without the use of any harmful chemicals!