If you’re considering pressure or power washing for your home or business, you’ve likely spent some time searching for things like “how to use a power washer?” “what is a power washer?” and “what happened to the cat from that ‘keyboard cat’ video?” Ok, maybe that last one was just us.

At any rate, you can find any number of Youtube videos and tutorials telling you how to use a power washer and it might not seem too difficult at first. However, watching a few videos and knowing how to use a tool can be very different things. Here are some of the reasons why professional pressure washing service is better:

Safety: First, it’s important to note that both pressure and power washers can be dangerous when not used correctly and only vary by the temperature of water they use. Consider the fact that these are machines designed to blast away all kinds of dirt, weeds and even graffiti from hard surfaces. If it can obliterate paint from brick, imagine what it can do in inexperienced hands.

Property Damage: A professional power washing service not only knows how to avoid maiming someone, they also have the expertise to not damage your property. Some surfaces, like aluminum siding, wood and other softer-than-brick materials can be damaged by a washer if the water is too hot or the pressure is too high. Even more importantly, a professional will be licensed so if something does go wrong, you won’t be stuck paying for it.

Cost and Time Savings: Exterior house cleaning services done by a professional can actually be cheaper in the long run when you consider the time you’ll have to spend if you do it yourself. First, you’ll likely have to pay to rent a machine then also take time learning how to use it, doing the job itself and then returning the washer. Assuming you don’t end up hurting yourself or your property, you’ll still have used up hours of your time.

Pressure washing is an important part of the exterior house cleaning services we offer. It is also an effective way to ready a structure to be painted, to remove graffiti and to clean a wooden deck.  If you require pressure washing for your home or business, contact Canadian Restorations GTA for a free estimate today!