Is Professional Pressure Washing Service Better?

If you’re considering pressure or power washing for your home or business, you’ve likely spent some time searching for things like “how to use a power washer?” “what is a power washer?” and “what happened to the cat from that ‘keyboard cat’ video?” Ok, maybe that last one was just us. At any rate, you can find any number of Youtube videos and tutorials telling you how to use a power washer and it might not seem too difficult at first. However, watching a few videos and knowing how to use a tool can be very different things. Here are some of the reasons why professional pressure washing service is better: Safety: First, it’s important to note that both pressure and power washers can be dangerous when not used correctly and only vary by the temperature of water they use. Consider the fact that these are machines designed to blast away all kinds of dirt, weeds and even graffiti from hard surfaces. If it can obliterate paint from brick, imagine what it can do in inexperienced hands. Property Damage: A professional power washing service not only knows how to avoid maiming someone, they also have the expertise to not damage [...]

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Underground Garage Striping

Make your underground garage safer and easier to navigate with properly painted lines and markers. Having the correct lines drawn in your underground space is an often-undervalued part of what makes this area functional. Canadian Restorations GTA has the experience and equipment to ensure you have the kind of underground space that your visitors, customers and employees can feel comfortable using. Importance of Underground Garage Striping Aside from ensuring that your customers don’t end up playing a giant game of bumper cars in your garage, proper striping has a variety of advantages including: Improved traffic flow Easier to see even in low light Long-lasting, high quality paint and signage Good first impressions- your underground garage may be the first thing visitors see about your business. Let us help you get off to a good start! Types of Signage and Striping We have the ability and tools to include all necessary signs, lines and markings your underground space requires. This includes: traffic flow arrows, parking space lines, handicap parking spaces, and other reflective signage. The Canadian Restorations GTA Advantage Proper striping in an underground space requires the use of special, reflective paint to make up for the lack of natural [...]

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Catch Basin Cleaning

Proper catch basin cleaning in Toronto is an integral part of preventing flooding, protecting your business and keeping our water clean and safe.  At Canadian Restorations GTA, we specialize in maintaining and clearing clogged catch basins that are typically located in underground garages, near curbs and in backyards.   What is a Catch Basin? A catch basin acts as an opening to the drainage system in your city. As the name implies, it is designed to catch various debris like leaves, trash and sediment. It helps keep these things out of our water system along with preventing flooding. Note: It is also often referred to as a storm drain, storm drain inlet or curb inlet.   Importance of Catch Basin Cleaning Catch basin cleaning is needed for the good of your business, community and environment. Because catch basin maintenance helps the storm sewers do their job, it is also part of what keeps pollutants from flowing into our streams and other bodies of water. It is also necessary to prevent flooding which can impact your business and surrounding community.   Underground Garage Catch Basin If you rely on an underground parking garage for your commercial building, residential complex or [...]

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