Proper catch basin cleaning in Toronto is an integral part of preventing flooding, protecting your business and keeping our water clean and safe.  At Canadian Restorations GTA, we specialize in maintaining and clearing clogged catch basins that are typically located in underground garages, near curbs and in backyards.


What is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin acts as an opening to the drainage system in your city. As the name implies, it is designed to catch various debris like leaves, trash and sediment. It helps keep these things out of our water system along with preventing flooding. Note: It is also often referred to as a storm drain, storm drain inlet or curb inlet.


Importance of Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch basin cleaning is needed for the good of your business, community and environment. Because catch basin maintenance helps the storm sewers do their job, it is also part of what keeps pollutants from flowing into our streams and other bodies of water. It is also necessary to prevent flooding which can impact your business and surrounding community.


Underground Garage Catch Basin

If you rely on an underground parking garage for your commercial building, residential complex or any other property then you know that flooding in this area can cause loss of business and unhappy tenants. Canadian Restorations GTA specializes in cleaning and maintaining your underground garage to ensure minimal disruption to your business.


Our Process

Canadian Restorations GTA uses only the most innovative and environmentally sound cleaning methods for your catch basin. Our low-profile trucks are able to get into some of the most difficult of underground garage spaces and properly remove debris from completely clogged and slow running catch basins.

If you’re in need of catch basin cleaning in Toronto and the surrounding area, call our dedicated team at (416) 930-9058. We can advise you on the services that will meet your needs and provide a free quote!